Predictions Bola PSPS vs Pelita Bandung Raya 31 July 2013 By Agen Judi Bola

The PSPS Pekanbaru is the final game to acknowledge excellence guest Sriwijaya with the score 0-1, this time around will be back PSPS Pekanbaru match melakoni  The Pelita Bandung Raya home to counter. Game among the PSPS Pekanbaru vs. Pelita Bandung Raya this time around will be carried in Kaharuddin Nasution Stadium, Soweto on (July 31 2013).

PSPS vs Pelita Bandung Raya

PSPS Pekanbaru is currently being in a unfavorable performing, evident in last five games PSPS Pekanbaru was never able won the game but instead has always defeated PSPS Pekanbaru. PSPS Pekanbaru currently is being under less beneficial circumstances that, however this time PSPS Pekanbaru would get a good capital because at this time around the game will be appear in the PSPS Pekanbaru PSPS Pekanbaru its own the headquarters.

In the meantime Pelita Raya Bandung today losing too much performance, in the last five matches Pelita Bandung Raya could not win the match, Pelita Bandung Raya simply capable of reap the results 2 draws and 3 other games ended with the defeat. Even the final game Pelita Raya Bandung also failed to win a match when host FC.

Seems that at this time around PSPS Pekanbaru the game win the football game, because the the game this time PSPS Pekanbaru will be performed in the front fully support of the fans. That support will be definitely provides a great an injection of morale, other than it will be good to supplement the spirit the its players.

Head to Head PSPS vs Pelita Bandung Raya


Predictions Persisam Putra vs. Gresik United 29 July 2013 By Agen Bola

Next Competition Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2012/2013 Predictions Persisam Putra vs. Gresik United hour is at entering week 32 and week in the ISL assemble a team of Borneo and East Java teams. The game was between Persisam Putra to face with the challenge of Gresik United. This match takes place on July 29, 2013 Segiri Stadium – Samarinda.

Prediksi Skor Persisam Putra vs Gresik United

Actions inside the game before teams met among themselves and beat with each other. In the final three games  Gresik United and Persisam Putra  both managed to take kemennagan 1 time and 1 other match ended with a draw. During the last meeting of Persisam host must surrender Gresik Samarinda United with the result 2-1 to United Gresik excellence.

Currently Persisam Putra  be menglamai decline in performance in the final match Persisam Putra must admit Persita host the advantages with final score 1-0 to excellence Persita Tangerang. But this game will be hosted Persisam Samarinda, You can certainly raise the morale of the players Persisam Putra .

Where as the guest Gresik United is currently under very good condition, the final game to successfully Gresik United beat Persija 1-0. The outcome might promote the spirit or be a United Gresik capital to meet Persisam Putra ytuan house.

Pertemuan Terakhir : Head- to- Head

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