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In the Indonesian Super League, 2-1 triumph over the host Persisam Samarinda, keep within mind the performers mengelanyut Gresik United. This is the perfect points Raihan, who would use as the capital in dealing with challenge Mitra Kukar hosts in the next game, within competition continued on Indonesian Super League (ISL) 2013.

Bursa Taruhan Mitra Kukar vs Gresik United 2 Agustus 2013

Gresik United’s squad, will entertained Mitra Kukar at Tenggarong Imbut Aji Stadium, Friday (2/8) night. Both teams clashed many stakeholders predicted would be held exciting, due to Mitra Kukar also getting maximum production at last fight. Monday (29/7), Mitra Kukar Arema smashed the score 2-1 in the same spot.

Going be a game who not easier, although we won at previous games (against Persisam, red). But again, nothing impossible. All of coming to a close match expectations, if the all the players willing to work hard to provide best of his ability on the ground, cooperate with both, plus play according to instructions, open Gresik United coach Widodo Cahyono Putro to Goal Indonesia.

Things was harmony with game counter Persisam. In which the the players mentally Gresik United is proved. Behind in advance, a team nicknamed Warriors squad that Samudro Joko leveled, and then reverse the situation by winning the games.

That aggressively pressure waged by the players Persisam at second round of, as well able to nicely muted by Agus Indra Kurniawan colleagues. Despite of such action, minus one Gresik United stopper flagship, Ambrizal.

Nonetheless, Widodo rush expressed, if the candidates That would be later team faced was much heavier than Persisam. He was admitted that he had seen the match Mitra Kukar counter Arema, by TV broadcast.

“Mitra Kukar can penetrating the gaps vacated by players Arema. From where Kukar Partners can provide opportunities, for pursue goals. Now, current faced Mitra Kukar later, players should not leave loopholes Gresik, and must be play consistently, “he said.

By Widodo, for clogs which will be attack developed by the Mitra Kukar, then obviously Gresik United’s squad must be play without any loopholes in defense. Gresik United’s defense, having to play flawless. Here tough job for the Warriors Joko Samudro, if are to avoid players Mitra Kukar goals.

“Defence should be strengthened. Organisation players at line behind must be solid, shall have no the mistakes slightest. Cause, Mitra Kukar good at using his faults, “said Widodo.

In the standings Indonesia Super League (ISL), 2013, Gresik United still stuck in the ranking the ninth, which stood 40 points. Whereas Mitra Kukar impeccable in fifth, with 54 points donated.

Head to Head Mitra Kukar vs Gresik United


Predictions Mitra Kukar vs Arema Indonesia 28 July 2013 By Agen Judi Bola

Next Competition Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2012/2013 Prediksi  Mitra Kukar vs Arema Indonesia July 28, 2013, Listen news Mitra Kukar  vs Arema Indonesia in the Indonesia Super League continued to early as 31 weeks on this occasion two teams meet ISL rankings. This game will reunite Mitra Kukar who will face with the challenge of Arema Indonesia. That match takes place on July 28, 2013, 3:30 p.m. at the headquarters of Mitra Kutai teams.

Predictions Mitra Kukar vs Arema Indonesia 28 July 2013

Predictions Kukar Mitra Indonesia yet, little more favored Mitra Kukar for in this game Mitra Kukar will compete against their own backers, which will certainly add with the spirit of children Mitra Kukar beat Arema Indonesia.

Predictions Arema Indonesia, where as for Arema this is an extremely difficult because Mitra Kukar it is in very good condition. But no attack Arema granted. Arema finally open aggressive and play to rapture the three points in or the mammalian host Kuta Partners.

Right now the game sounds Mitra Kukar favored to beat the game. Mitra Kukar because this bernmain time before their own supporters that surely add to the spirit and fighting spirit in the squad Mitra Kukar for ensuring three dots in the matches at home this time.

Head to Head Mitra Kukar vs Arema Indonesia

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